The Good and Bad Things about – Windows 10

As we know that window10 is in the market and there is huge buzz about it among the people.

Everyone is curious to use and know;

  • What is new in it?
  • How its new features?
  • How it works as compared to previous versions of windows?
  • How it is going to change the desktop operating working systems in coming time?
  • What is good and bad about it?

And so many questions are there regarding installment and configuration Window10. Window technical support provides you all technical help to solve your problem. In this article we are going to discuss new features (good &bad) about Window 10.

Windows 10

Window 10

Window 10 is a new personal computer operating system launched by Microsoft officially on 29th July this year. Microsoft described it as “New era in personal computing” with a whole new philosophy in a “Mobile First, cloud First World”.

  • According to Microsoft Window 10 is a service that will receive timely updated/upgraded features and functionality in the Apps.
  • To enhance the market adoption for window 10 Microsoft announced the free availability of Window 10 to the genuine users of Window 7 and Window 8.1 for the first year.
  • It works on “Universal Architecture” as described by Microsoft expanding on Metro-style apps/Modern UI, these apps designed to run through multiple Microsoft product families having same code—including PCs, tablets, smartphones, embedded systems, Xbox One, Surface Hub etc. Window 10 works on the platform IA-32 and x64Window 10 adds new applications, features and visions to Microsoft’s future.

Talking about the new name Window 10, Terry Myerson – executive vice president of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group – said that the Windows 9 name “wouldn’t be right” for this updated version of the operating system and this was One of Microsoft internal strategy. It is much advanced and has many features.

Features (Good Points) of Window 10

The main features of Window 10 are given below:

  • It’s Universal App that will work on desktops also that is good for users who are using multiple window devices.
  • New features in the Start Menu. It has some updated graphics and live tiles that can fully expand to the screen. Users can also customize start menu features accordingly
  • Crotana is one of the key features in Window 10 that will provide digital assistance to the users.
  • Xbox App and streaming will aid to better gaming services. Multiple players’games cross-platform between Xbox One and PC.
  • Its new web browser Edge/Spartan with new features it is built with feature Interoperability.
  • It provides a first Holographic computing platform
  • New Task view in window 10 and users can switch between virtual desktops.
  • Snap assist feature that help snap apps and windows in new screens and tiles.
  • User friendly- Ideal for keyboard, Mouse and as well as touch users.
  • New features and services for media like music, TV shows and photo apps as well as.

So these are some unique and good features about window 10 as compared to previous versions of operating system from Microsoft. No doubt the speed, new features and functionality of Window 10 is worth to appreciate.

Failures (Bad Points) of Window 10

As we know that everything has two side/phases, i.e. Good and bad as well as. Similarly Window 10 has also some drawbacks with its promising features.  Some of its major and concerned drawbacks (bad points) are given below:

  • With advanced features Microsoft needs to access data and information to provide its services so privacy is again a matter of concern.
  • One drive regression problem is there and creating a mess in file explorer. Microsoft is saying that soon they will resolve this problem.
  • Missing media Centre and DVD Player. It is difficult to manage things to the users of Window 7 and 8.
  • Features of new apps are not working properly and not so soothing. Users are getting confused and irritating when they are not getting it exactly as they have heard about Window 10.
  • Compulsory updates of Window 10 that are not so user friendly
    Windows store room still not meeting the expectations of the users

So this is all about Window 10 its good and bad consequences that users are facing. If you are facing any problem regarding Window installation and configuration you can take assistance from Window remote technical support to resolve your issues.