How to Upgrade the Network Security with a Firewall?

Do you know what is a firewall? You might have simply heard about it or noticed the icon in your PC.

“A Firewall is the hardware or software scanning the information coming from the network or internet and then allowing it to pass through the computer system. Malicious content will be blocked, leading to access denial”.

Hence, a Firewall acts as your computer protector that saves the system from the hacker and malicious software. If the firewall is there, malicious content that may destroy the system cannot gain access to your system. A firewall is actually designed to protect the PC or your personal computer from the unauthorized access.

Firewall support

The task of a firewall is also to provide screen communication path, unrestricted way for trusted for the trusted traffic. It is normally installed when the computer network needs to connect to the public network. While connecting to the internet, you need to ensure that there is a Firewall in your system for security.

In large companies and enterprises, you will find that firewalls are placed internally to protect distinct areas, to separate the areas of internal network having varied security policies. The firewall, in short, is configured with the whole set of rules to allow certain types of network and also to deny the network.

A Firewall is capable of allowing and even denying the incoming and outgoing traffic based upon the source of network address. The Firewall can protect the computer system and you need to upgrade the network security. To get the maximum out of Firewall, you need to upgrade it.

Tricks and ways of upgrading the Firewall

It is extremely crucial to upgrade the firewall hardware and software components with the required modules to ensure that Firewall performs to the optimal level. The Firewall administrator should be made aware of software or hardware bugs and also about the firewall upgrade taken from the vendor.

However, if you really want to upgrade the Firewall, you have to take several precautions to ensure great operational security. Let us have a look at the precautions:

  • You have to optimize the performance of the Firewall and so the vendor recommendations, memory capacities must be followed totally.
  • The administrator of the Firewall needs to evaluate the release of Firewall software which may be needed to conduct the upgrade. You need to implement the security patches which are recommended by the vendor and that too in the timely manner.
  • You need to obtain the hardware and software components for the Firewall upgrade from recommended and reliable vendors only. You need to obtain the firewall specific upgrade from your vendor. You must never use a Network File System as the way of obtaining the hardware and software component. The most apt method is using the FTP or the CDROM virus checked to the vendor site in the apt manner.
  • The administrator of the Firewall need to monitor firewall mailing list of the vendors and also need to maintain the contact with the vendor. This will acquaint you with the needed Firewall upgrade. Prior to upgrading the firewall component, it is essential for the administrator to verify with the person that the upgrade is needed. After you complete the upgrade with the vendor, you must necessarily test to verify whether the firewall is functioning well or not.

How to upgrade your Network Security with Firewall?

If your organization is online, you definitely need the Firewall. Let us have a look at the ways of configuring Firewall:

  • You need to set Firewall for monitoring both the incoming and the outgoing packets
  • Always opt for the hardware Firewall. It can be Cisco, for instance, since the hardware firewall is always more powerful.
    Enable the spam protection in your computer system if available.
  • The spam firewall is extremely popular since it keeps malicious emails at bay.
  • You also need to standardize the wireless connection on the WPA. It is already proved that the WPA protocol offers far better security than WEP.

You need to work out things with the vendor who offers network security services and firewall upgrade. If you really value the efficient operation and the privacy of your network, you need to make sure that the Firewall support is upgraded from time to time.