Windows 10: Should your Business Upgrade?


Terry Myerson made a statement that windows would allow all its existing customers using, windows 7, windows 8.1 and windows phone 8.1 to upgrade their devices for free; only in the first year after the launch was made. This created big news, after all small business and enterprises will be benefitted with the new upgrade allowance.

This is the first time in the history of windows that it is allowing such kind of upgrade. The company is of the view that because of the offer most of their customers would upgrade. And this would allow all the upgrading customers to enjoy innovation.

Benefits to Small Business and Enterprise

Small business and enterprise should take the offer and upgrade themselves as this is a never before given offer. As windows now plans to take the advantage of IT support services and come up with upgrades only, in the coming future, rather than making a big launch. Windows now plans to be a service and carry on servicing its customers.

Windows will continue being the provider of unmatched values and flexibility. Windows technical support and IT support services would provide customers new features and functions over a period of time to make Windows 10 better. The team would also work on security issues.

Windows 10: Boon to Customers

Windows 10

It takes a lot of capital for small business to change and adapt to new systems. So, does this mean there will be no big launches? Could be; But Windows 10 really aims to provide customers with updates on their devices without having to change their systems.

For example let’s take example of a financial trading system, these systems do not require a complete change of technology all they need is update on making the procedure more and more secure. Hence, windows technical team would service at right intervals.

On the other hand, end user requirement may not be as critical hence they will need regular updates to be run on their devices, just to keep them up to date. Earlier customers paid for the product they used, but now with the Idea ‘windows as a service’ customers would be shelling out for the bundled service and constant updates that they will be provided.

The big question now is that how is it going to be possible?

Windows 10_technicalsupportsydney

Windows would split up and update the operating system’s components autonomously rather than updating the entire operating system at once. For example, Start bar would be now updated individually and customers will be sent intimation to update their devices with minimal payments. The new update will span across numerous device types.

Is Microsoft working hard enough to make sure it is worth the money small business spends? We will know the outcomes soon.

Microsoft is in the unveiling stage for few of its app, in order to power the Windows 10. The Small Business IT support services team has started testing the preview with interested participants. Ms Office the product that every business uses is will also get regular updates, instead of the big boom release after every few year. Just like any other update on mobile device.

Windows 10 will be brought as a service, with innovation and updates on continuous basis to bring value to consumers. Windows is not thinking about branding at this point, what it is thinking about is that consumer should be assertive on Windows 10 being up to date, dynamic, innovative and secure.

Microsoft has also come up with ‘Current Branch for Business’ that will allow the consumers to receive continuous feature updates and updates on security. Consumers will have to decide whether they want the continuous update or they want to receive updates from controlled management tools.


Windows will provide a free elevation for everyone. Yes, it does cost a bit but the payment is really for the updates and the innovation that the customers will be receiving from time to time. The change that will be done is a quick one that business houses can adapt to easily. The feature updates may now be based on subscription fees rather than paying for the entire package. Hence, if this idea is taken well by all the customers and every one can upgrade themselves with Windows 10. The world might settle down for Windows 10 rather than having various versions of Windows.

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